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4 Reasons Call-Only Ads Should Be Part of Your PPC Campaign

call only campaigns Back in February, Google introduced a new ad format for mobile that uses a call-only campaign. It’s simple, useful, and depending on your demographic can be a big part of your PPC campaign. Below is an example of a call-only ad.

Here’s why:

  1. Conspicuous Call Button
    Your ad will show up on a person’s phone. That’s right. We forget sometimes, but that tiny computer attached to our hand was built originally to make phone calls. The way these ads are set up, there’s a “Call” button right up front, making conversions super simple.
  2. Prominent phone number
    Your phone number is front and center in these ads (which is kind of the point). The top of the ad is your number in large blue text with the word “Call” before it. It’s eye-catching and
  3. More Focused Ads
    The point of your ad is to get the user to call you right then and there. That means your ad copy should be very pointed and succinct. Phrases like “Call for a free estimate” and “Talk to a sales rep today” are quick and effective.
  4. Direct path between the potential customer and your business
    Unlike other ad formats that encourage the user to head to your landing page and then decide if they want to convert, call-only ads send them straight to you in a much more immediate and personal way. Because of this, it’s important to optimize the user’s experience once they make the phone call. Often, a phone call can be much more valuable than a traditional ad click.
call only ad
Call Only Campaign Ad

There’s been immense focus put on businesses to cater to mobile users in the last year. This is a fantastic way to get a great return on investment and see a rise in calls and conversions.