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10 Current Trends in Website Design

10 Current Trends in Website DesignWebsite design has come a long way from the static pages of the last millennium that resembled blown up business cards and resumes, or the flashing lights of yesteryear’s websites. Today’s web designs feature interactive, responsive, user-friendly features that engage and entertain you, invite you in, and encourage you to stay awhile.

Though design styles and features are evolving quickly, these are 10 of the trends you are likely to see in website design today.

  1. More Content, Less Clutter –Content is still king, and today’s websites are giving it the attention and prominence it deserves.
  2. Bold, Rich, and Experimental Typography– This goes hand-in-hand with number one. Daring, more unique typography draws the eye and focuses attention on content.
  3. Colors and Art – Edgy art and bright colors are creating a presence all over the web. Creativity reigns supreme in catching a consumer’s eye in this busy world.
  4. Responsive Design – Websites must now quickly adapt to the various sizes of all internet devices, from smartphones to huge smart TVs.
  5. Push Notifications– This feature has made the leap from smartphones to web design as some websites offer push notifications to your browser.
  6. Cinemagraphs – These design elements merge video and photography to create strikingly artistic GIFs.
  7. Animations, GIFs, Icons and Other Imagery – Animation brings life to your website and adds sophistication. When done right, it helps your site stand out.
  8. Simplified Navigation – Gone are the days of a unique page for every possible permutation of your service, product, or blog. Minimal is in. And even the “Long Page Scroll” has made a comeback.
  9. Duotones –Spotify users will recognize this interesting design technique making an appearance in an increasing number of web designs.
  10. Microinteractions – Tiny website and user interactions can deliver better engagement and enhanced user experience.

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