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2017 Digital Marketing Outlook

Digital Marketing TrendsIt’s no secret that digital marketing has changed the way businesses around the globe reach their customers. Gone are the regional direct mail flyers. Here, instead, are email messages, social media posts, SMS, and instant messaging. As diverse as the field of digital marketing is, the one constant is that everything is always changing. To be effective, you need to stay on top of new advances in technology and processes. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most of your digital marketing in 2017.

Digital Marketing Trends

  1. Mobile continues to grow. Hopefully, your company already has a website that’s optimized for mobile use. However, that is just the beginning. With the number of consumers using smartphones continuing to grow, finding new ways to connect with users on the go without spamming them will continue to be a priority.
  2. Content marketing continues to lead the field. Content marketing, combining traditional marketing with building a brand and offering information that readers can use, continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. However, standing out amid the huge crowd of content will continue to be a challenge.
  3. Don’t ignore advancements in technology. New devices that interact with digital technology, such as iPhones, Amazon Echo, and Fitbit bracelets, will continue to be introduced, blurring the lines between computers and objects, as well as the line between what devices are acceptable for marketing messages and what aren’t.

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