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25 Creative Ways to Build Fans on Facebook

Starting a Facebook Page from scratch for your brand or business can be a tricky ordeal at first. Just like creating a website or blog it can take months before you start building a fan base and presence within Facebook. Here are some tips and tricks on and off page that you can do to get a head start with your Facebook campaign:

On Page:

  • Create a custom URL for your page that fans can remember
  • Post regularly with exciting information
  • Ask questions in the newsfeed
  • Tag other pages or people in the newsfeed
  • Offer deals and discounts
  • Create contests with prizes to build interaction
  • Bring in a guest speaker  to post about your product or answer questions
  • Create either online or offline public events that your fans can attend
  • Send out updates
  • Create custom tabs within Facebook to build interaction along with a call to action to like the page
  • Create a Facebook applicaton
  • It’s okay to ask your fans to like the page every now and then
  • Ask for fans to post reviews, pictures, or videos
  • Ask fans to subscribe via SMS or RSS
  • Combine your Facebook Places page with your Fan Page


Off Page:

  • Do a search in Facebook and make sure there are no other pages or place pages with your brand or company name in it. If so report it to Facebook.
  • Contact other related Facebook Pages to see about helping each other out mutually. This includes sponsored posts, tagging each other, events, etc.
  • A bit spammy, but as the Facebook Page make posts on other pages
  • Promote you Facebook Page in store, on your business card, in your email signature, and anywhere else you can get the name out.
  • Create a Facebook Ads Campaign to build traffic to the fan page
  • Add Facebook widgets to your website
  • Add Facebook social plugins likes, send, and share button to your website and blog
  • Connect your page to Twitter
  • Turn your customers into fans
  • Send out an email to notify them your brand is on Facebook
  • Word of Mouth Marketing


If you have any more ideas or questions on ways to build fans on Facebook please list them at the bottom.