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3 Local SEO Myths – Busted

No matter how the industry evolves, there are certain local SEO myths that just don’t seem to die. Here are the top five misconceptions we hear about local SEO practices, and why they are flat-out wrong.

Myth 1: Suite numbers for ranking

This myth has been rolling around for years, and it’s amazing that it lives on to this day. The idea is that people who rent an office or share a business space speculate that having their suite number in their published address will give them a unique NAP (name, address, phone number), but this isn’t the case.

Google typically ignores suite number and does not use them for anything other than a visual aid for users. Continue using your suite number so customers are able to find you easier, but do not think that it will give you any sort of ranking boost.

It also doesn’t help to make up a suite number to add to your NAP. This is known to backfire and can cause Google to remove your listing completely, thinking it is a fake address. Falsifying a suite number on your NAP is spam, and Google hates spam.

Myth 2: Your service area impacts where you rank

Google lets businesses set their service areas for their listing via the My Business dashboard. This tool gives potential customers a visual on how far you are willing to travel. A common misconception is that the information put in this section influences Google ranking – it simply does not.

If you serve a certain number of cities, the information you put down will not impact your ranking in any of those cities. The locations you rank in are based primarily on your address, and the city the user is searching from.

Myth 3: Using a call tracker hurts rankings

Rest assured, moving your “regular” phone number to the additional phone line in Google My Business in order to use a call tracking number will not hurt your listing’s ranking. This allows Google to see you are the same business and avoids issues like duplicate listings.

Avoid putting call tracking numbers on third-party directories, as Google can have an issue consolidating these.

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