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3 Principles to Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Email marketing is one of the most longstanding forms of outreach, but continues to be one of the most effective when used correctly.

Indiscriminately blasting emails out to every person on a contact list however, is not the correct way to email market. That behavior is why email marketing has a negative image to some in the first place.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some simple principles you can use to increase your reach, open rate, and ultimately, your rate of success.

When you make an offer, make it specific. In the world of email marketing, specificity is an effective converting tool. Avoid sending a general message to your audience. Instead, communicate with a specific goal in mind.

There’s no need to send an email for the sake of reminding people that you still exist – all you will accomplish is convincing your audience that you like sending pointless emails.

Make your subject line clear about what your reader will see if they open the email, and make the body of that email specific about your offer.

Your goal isn’t to sell something with your email alone, but to send the recipient to your site to make a sale there. Thus, your offer should be specific and enticing enough to get them to click over to your site.

Think of your email less like an advertisement, and more like a social media post. We all receive those fliers and advertisements in our mailboxes that make their way straight into the trash. Many think of emails as being similar to printed advertisements, but there are more effective ways to reach your customers.

If you treated your social media posts like advertisements, you’d likely lose a good bit of your following, right?

Think of your email as another form of social media – a way to connect with, and build a relationship with your customer.

You don’t have to ask for much, but you need to be clear about what you’re asking for. The call to action in your email doesn’t need to get the reader to do anything but click through to your website. Saying things like “subscribe now!” likely won’t net you much success.

Focus on selling the reader on clicking your ad, and selling the value on the other end of their click. Treating the reader like a person and being concise are both well-received tactics.

People like messages that are direct – if they suspect any underhandedness from your email, it’ll likely get deleted right away.

You may not succeed right away, but if you keep applying the correct principles to your email marketing, you can turn it into one of the most powerful tools in your marketing portfolio.