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3 Reasons to Start Guest Blogging

3 Reasons to Start Guest Blogging

Would you spend time crafting an educated and effective blog piece just to post it on someone else’s website? Creating content relevant to your products and services for another business’s blog page is exactly what guest blogging is, and it happens to be exactly what your brand needs in its marketing mix.  

If you’ve recently heard the buzz about guest blogging, you might be surprised to know that it actually isn’t a new concept. It’s a strategy that SEO specialists have been perfecting for years. With potential to supply backlinks, improve authority, and extend awareness, guest blogging — also known as guest posting — is truly a content marketing power tool. 

Reach Countless New Members of Your Audience

No matter how niche your products or services, there will always be members of your audience you haven’t yet found. By adding guest posting to your digital marketing rotation, however, you can raise brand awareness through a farther-reaching and narrowly targeted radius. 

By selecting websites with content similar to your own, you’ll leave a trail across the most relevant web pages and bring even more of your target consumers right to your brand. Not only will you become visible to the readers of similar blogs, but you’ll also gain access to the followers of other social media accounts as hosting sites share the content on other channels. 

Direct Readers From Their Favorite Sites to Your Site  

Any marketing strategy that drives traffic to your website is one worth pursuing. Guest blogging is no exception, as it allows you to provide a multitude of backlinks to the landing pages of your choice in exchange for a relevant and valuable piece of content. This exchange, in turn, boosts your SEO authority, helping your website to rank even higher in relevant search results. And, it guides interested users right from a host’s website to your website in just one click. 

As previously mentioned, typical guest posting practices allow the guest blogger to direct readers to their own website through backlinks. However, the way in which each site features backlinks may vary. Host sites most commonly accept backlinks by allowing: 

  • anywhere from one to two links to your website within the blog 
  • a one-paragraph byline with one to two links to your website 

Establish Your Brand as an Even Greater Authority 

Grooming your brand’s blog into a collection of informative and value-backed pieces of content is what turns everyday users into your dedicated readers. By branching your content to other sites with just as much or even more authority, you can increase your reputation as an industry resource and grow your community of readers. 

Furthermore, with each guest post you submit, your relationship with other industry authorities grows stronger. These connections can help your brand with future guest blogging endeavors, allowing you to refine your guest posting style, redesign your landing pages to fit the incoming traffic, and uncover even more opportunities to post around the internet. 

Get Started With Guest Blogging 

When you’re ready to give guest blogging the green light, count on the content marketing professionals at WSOA. With the combined expertise of our SEO specialists and copywriters, we’ll uncover the most influential websites to host your posts and create functional content that speaks to your brand. For more information on our guest posting or other digital marketing services, contact us today.