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3 Tips for Conversion Optimization

conversion optimizationIf you’re a business owner, certainly you have spent a great deal of time developing the “perfect website.” At least, you think you have, but for some reason sales aren’t as high as you would like. If you believe your website could convert at a higher rate or you simply don’t know, you should seek help from experts on conversion optimization. Conversion optimization aims to increase the percentage website visitors making a purchase or contacting your company.

Consider these three tips to ramp up the conversion rates on your website:

  • Make Your Page Easy to Navigate
    Your website is more appealing to visitors when they can find the information they want quickly. Present your call to action (CTA), such as a contact form, cart, or phone number, at the top of your landing page so visitors don’t have to scroll or click through your whole website to order or request more information. Using larger fonts for titles and testing various colors on CTA buttons or interactives can help you find what elements convert visitors into buyers.
  • Use Mobile-Friendly Design Strategies
    More than 70% of modern consumers do most or all of their shopping on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Using a responsive page design that modifies in relation to your guest’s device size not only improves conversions, but it also will boost search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. A mobile-friendly design also ensures your page loads quickly and completely for everyone who visits.
  • Communicate Effectively
    Think of your website as a newspaper ad that charges by the word. You wouldn’t mince words knowing it was going to cost you in the future. Your webpage needs to maximize space, use clear CTA’s, and offer short, succinct blurbs of text telling the customer what they want to know about your product and encouraging guests to do what you want them to do.

Seek Help From Proven Professionals

Ensuring your website is optimized for conversions is a necessity in today’s web-focused environment. With constantly advancing technology and more and more distractions on the web, you must clearly tell your customers how they benefit from your product and how to get it.

However, managing a business doesn’t leave much time for you to learn how to optimize your site, let alone actually implement those techniques. Web Solutions of America offers decades of experience in the industry and the knowledge to help you optimize your website for conversions. Contact us today at 407-636-4233 for a free quote on the marketing services you need.