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3 Ways of Dealing With Unresponsive SEO Clients

It’s bound to happen eventually. We’re all busy people, and clients are no exception. With everything that goes into the day-to-day operations of running a company, sometimes communication is less immediate than we’d like.

Whether you’re collaborating with them to create new ideas, or they need to add funds to their account to comply with your service contract, an unresponsive SEO client poses a unique challenge.

Give these strategies a shot:

1) Make a Personal Connection

Unexpected events like illness, car crashes, and the death of a loved one can, and do, happen more often than we’d like, so before you assume your client is simply ignoring you, let them know you understand their personal circumstances might have kept them away from the office.

Instead of sending another canned email message demanding their response, consider writing a personal email or even a text message that lets them know you really need to hear back from them. Better yet, go old school and give them a call, ask how they are doing, and what you can do to help them get back on track with their SEO project.

2) Be Clear and Concise

If you’ve been sending your client detailed updates and lengthy emails, consider that they might simply be feeling saturated with too much information.

After all, your client hired you to do the thinking for them. Over-communicating might give your client the impression that you lack the skills (and confidence) to do the work they hired you for.

Make sure your message is clear, simple, and concise. Let them know exactly what you need them to do, why, and by when.

3) Set Limits

While you should never threaten a client, it’s important to let them know how important their responsiveness is to their SEO campaign.

Re-affirm their role, and make it clear that without their response, marketing efforts may suffer. Give them a firm time frame for a response, and if necessary, let them know you’ll have to put their project on ‘pause’ until they are ready to do their part.

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