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4 Reasons You Should Market Your Business on LinkedIn

easons you should Market Your Business on LinkedIn

Marketing your business can often feel like a chore and a waste of time if you’re not seeing any return on investment (ROI). Fortunately, a big part of your marketing success is determined by where and how you market. By using your target audience as a guide, you can make better decisions for your company’s marketing plan. Here are some reasons why you should consider marketing your business on LinkedIn:

  1. B2B Marketing: In a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, it was determined that 80% of B2B marketing leads that are sourced through social media came from LinkedIn. With over 500 million members and 61 million senior-level influencers, it’s no wonder this tool is so effective for B2B marketing. Lead generation proved 33% more successful than any other social platform and LinkedIn provided two times the increase in conversion rates. How can you get the same results? First of all, keep in mind that marketing isn’t always a click-through dream. LinkedIn gives you the platform to establish your credibility and begin a connection with people. When you post content that is relevant, helpful and informative to your network, they will not only view you as more trustworthy than others, but will see you as a thought leader. After all, most people are on LinkedIn to better themselves or advance their career, so educational content from someone who has expertise in that area will do well as far as reach goes.
  2. Targeted Communities: LinkedIn has a feature that allows members to be a part of a group. In these groups, people share content and network with potential clients. Starting or joining a relevant group is a great way to enhance your brand and share your content. Participation is key in these LinkedIn groups so whether you start your own or add to existing discussions, post your content and ideas – and if someone replies, acknowledge it! This increases your brand’s visibility and can lead to connections and future business-not to mention it is basically free advertising.
  3. Brand and Content Performance Tracking: When using LinkedIn for advertising, it gives you access to the Campaign Manager. This tool offers several available features for tracking the performance of the content you put out and allows you to test different forms of content to see what works better. Metrics such as impressions, engagement, social actions and clicks will be measured, recorded, and put together in an easy-to-read graphic display for you to review.
  4. Talent Recruitment: In the 2015 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research Report, it was determined that the LinkedIn Career Pages accounted for almost 30% of job hires, falling 3rd only under the company’s career site and hiring agents. Some features that make LinkedIn so popular include the ability to request personal and professional recommendations for connections, search position-specific keywords on candidate profiles, and search based on past or current employers. If you or your company has been active in any LinkedIn Groups, you can also consider reaching out to those active members that you may have discussed topics with in the past. In addition to this, you can upgrade to a Premium account which allows you to post jobs directly on LinkedIn, do specific candidate searches, and send InMail.

Interested in marketing on LinkedIn but not sure how? At Web Solutions of America, we have the expertise you need to drive engagement and brand loyalty. Through social media marketing, web development, and web design, we can create a plan catered to your company’s goals. Give us a call today at 407-636-4233 or contact us online for a free quote.