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4 Strategies for Staying Inspired to Write for SEO

writingInspiration has a habit of coming and going at the most inopportune times. It can pop up randomly when you’re not focused on writing and have no way to record your brilliant ideas, and it can be seemingly hard to find when we need it most. With the holidays behind us, it can seem difficult to find the creativity we need to turn out engaging content for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – but fear not.

Fortunately, that feeling of lost inspiration is nothing more than an excuse. With the right techniques, you can find inspiration anytime.

Here are some ways you can stay inspired to write for your website all year long.

  • Remember why you enjoy writing
    Thinking of writing as a chore you need to do can lead to procrastination and a lack of effort. Take some time to rediscover what it is you enjoy about writing and focus on that. When you do that, you’ll find yourself wanting to write instead of feeling forced, and the words will start to flow.
  • Turn idea generating into a habit
    Work on expanding your observation skills, and compile questions, mistakes, examples, and stories you can use later. Try scheduling yourself a monthly brainstorming session dedicated solely to coming up with new ideas for your writing, and log the ideas you come up with so you never run out of inspiration.
  • Cut the writing process into bite-size pieces
    Working on a complex piece of writing can be daunting to take on all at once, but breaking it down into easier-to-manage steps can help things move along smoothly and help avoid feelings of procrastination. For example, set aside separate blocks of time for choosing your idea and writing an outline, conducting research, writing a first draft, and revising to a final copy.
  • Don’t worry so much about being original
    A huge emphasis is placed on original content in our industry, and for good reason. That doesn’t mean you should worry though, as each author is a unique individual with an original outlook on the world. No two writing pieces will ever be the same as long as you create your own unique mix of ideas and develop your own voice. You being you is enough to create pieces that are original and unique.

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