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4 Ways to Stop Falling Behind on Social Media

4 Ways to Stop Falling Behind on Social Media

Over the past few months, your business has learned to survive largely — or perhaps entirely — online. And while social media is no doubt a larger part of your brand than ever, it still shouldn’t be something you struggle to keep up with. Instead of playing a constant game of catch-up, get ahead and stay ahead of your social media with these four tips. 

Create Content in Batches 

You should always post new content, but you don’t have to create new content every time you want to post. For example, rather than filming, editing, and uploading a video for IGTV all in one day, you can save some time by better organizing the way you work. This might include splitting your schedule to film multiple videos one day, edit multiple videos another day, and schedule them to post at different dates and times. By creating a batch of content in one session, you can cut down the time you’d spend setting up lighting, assembling camera equipment, and gathering your team on separate occasions. 

Work on the “What” Before the “When”

Brand recognition builds over time, but even if users continuously see you posting on the same platforms at the same times, they won’t recognize your business without consistent branding. Before getting consumed with posting the same days of the week and times of day, you need to first focus on developing consistency in: 

  1. Tone 
  2. Quality 
  3. Theme 

It might cost you a little bit of extra time in the beginning, but nailing down these three fundamentals will help you create captions, choose images, and maintain the same quality with more efficiency in the future. 

Don’t Use What You Don’t Own 

It might always seem like the right move to risk using a relevant, catchy song in your social media videos — right? While it’s often quicker to pluck out a trending music track rather than take time to search for one in the public domain, it can cost you a lot of time and other resources in the future. That’s because a copyright claim can come back to haunt you months or even years after you feature a song you don’t own. Some social media platforms, like YouTube, offer a free audio library where you can choose from a nearly endless selection of free songs. You can also save yourself a lot of hours spent searching for songs you’re legally allowed to use by signing up for a royalty-free music service.

Outsource Your Social Media 

If you’re struggling to get more posts out in time or simply find time to create them, partner with the social media specialists at WSOA. We can manage your profiles, help you create and establish new profiles, actively engage with your audience, and boost brand awareness with organic and paid social media services. To learn more, contact us today.