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5 Budget-Friendly Nonprofit Social Media Strategies

5 Budget-Friendly Nonprofit Social Media Strategies

Trying to meet a really meaningful goal with really limited resources is the hallmark challenge of running a nonprofit. But even the most affordable marketing tools can be wasteful when your team lacks a concrete strategy to efficiently use them. If you’re struggling with social media, in particular, check out these five tactics that will make an impact without draining your budget.  

Ask, Receive, and Return 

Your nonprofit has a purpose; your social media content should, too. For every post you create, think about how you want users to react. If you want them to like, comment, or share, conclude your post with a call-to-action (CTA). But once you ask users to commit, you’ll need to personally commit to following up. If someone comments on one of your post, for example, make it a priority to respond in a timely manner. 

Find and Maintain Consistency 

Consistency and credibility are two major traits to seek out before trusting a brand — whether nonprofit or for-profit. However, building credibility requires you to first establish consistency. Posting regularly, using a uniform tone, and adhering to your brand’s aesthetic are invaluable if you’re trying to generate social media cred. 

Launch a Streaming Series 

From Q and A’s to event coverage, live streams allow you to connect with your audience in real time — and you can schedule them ahead of time. Following the theme of consistency, set a schedule for your live streams that supporters can easily keep track of. Whether it’s every Wednesday or every other Friday, establishing a precedent ensures that your followers won’t miss out when you go live.  

Respect Your Limits 

Sharing your nonprofit on as many social platforms as possible is the goal, right? If you have the resources to effectively manage each account, yes. Otherwise, don’t overshoot. It’s wiser to be consistent on a few major platforms than to fall short on a lot of them. If juggling six different social profiles is more of a burden than your team has time to bear, dial back to two or three.      

Outsource to an Affordable Marketing Partner 

When you need social media strategies that work for your budget, work with the digital marketing specialists at WSOA. Each of our flexible social media solutions is designed so our clients can maintain control of their marketing at all times. With regular updates and reports, you’ll stay informed and in touch with your social media performance. To learn more or schedule a consultation, contact us today.