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5 Content Marketing Tips for “Less Exciting” Industries

5 content marketing tips“I’d love to write engaging content for my business, but my field isn’t very exciting.”

Hold it right there.

There are interesting things to write about in all fields. Fact. The problem is not the industry; the problem is you can’t come up with any creative ideas off the top of your head.

We can help with that.

Below are 5 tips to help you create exciting content regardless of the field.

  1. Get into the niche that no one else is in. Yes, your industry might be slightly harder to write about. That means that not a lot of other companies are doing it. Get in their quick and solidify your spot as top dog.
  2. Share how you can use your product/service in a way that’s not immediately obvious. For example, if you sell a window cleaner, write an article about how the cleaner also makes a great degreaser for a dirty grill.
  3. Stay relevant. Don’t use clickbait (e.g., This woman had a pie pan and a stick of gum. You won’t BELIEVE what she came up with!!!). It’s tacky, manipulative, and doesn’t create engagement. Instead, keep your writing true and focused on your area. That doesn’t mean you should avoid having fun with your content, but don’t cross the line into sensational.
  4. Humanize your company. Connect with a customer (or customers) in a real, individual way and share that story with others. Don’t exploit a nice moment (which can have the opposite effect you’re aiming for). Rather, give customers a way to see the personal side of your business. When was the last time you saw some story making the rounds on the internet about a cool, down-to-earth business/customer interaction? It happens more than you might think.
  5. Love. Data. They do! Give ‘em infographics, graphs, and interesting data sheets. We’re all drawn to the cold, hard numbers (as long as they’re presented in a visually pleasing way, of course).

No more blaming it on a “boring” field. Content marketing has proven itself time and time again as a hugely useful marketing strategy. Utilize it and watch your site traffic grow.