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5 Email Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

email marketing trends 2018

SEO, PPC, social media, and advertising assist you in getting a higher volume of sales from potential customers; but it’s your email marketing that gets them to stay there by increasing repeated purchases and customer-brand engagement.

While some of the following trends are not necessarily new techniques, they are significant in keeping up with the competition and increasing relevance and communication among customers. Personalization and loyalty programs, along with re-engagement and email drip campaigns are all marketing activities that are essential to your email marketing strategy.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 72% of U.S. adults prefer communicating with companies through email. With marketers always searching for the best ways to communicate with customers, it’s important to take note of the following five email marketing trends happening in 2018.

Trend 1. Companies are adopting mailable microsites.

A mailable microsite is an interactive email, which has the potential to allow subscribers to read a message, watch a video, browse through products, and make a purchase without ever leaving their inbox. Adopting this technique will help keep the inbox interesting by distributing content that’s more engaging and ultimately retaining more customers.  

Trend 2. Using a conversational tone allows for a more personal interaction with your audience.

Customers respond to emails differently depending on which tone you use. Although a conversational tone may not always be the best choice, it does contribute to a more personal and authentic interaction between the customer and brand.

A conversational tone helps get your customers thinking by asking questions and then answering and educating them through your Call to Action (CTA) content. However, a more formal approach may be better suited for B2B sectors by starting a conversation with your audience, satisfying their needs for answers, content, product, etc. 

Trend 3. Focus on a more mobile-friendly design.

For many, checking content on their mobile device is the first thing they do upon waking up and the last thing they do before going to bed. Because we live in a society dominated by technology, it’s more crucial now than ever to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly. Not having mobile-optimized sites puts you at risk for low engagement rates and insufficient clickthroughs, especially if your CTA is not visible.


Trend 4. Personalization and segmentation are vital for sharing content.

Marketers use dynamic content to create a personalized experience for their customers. By combining the HTML within content together with segmentation, individuals are provided with emails that are customized to fit their needs. This is important because customers feel more valued by the company.

An easy form of personalization has been to include the user’s name into the email in place of a generic ‘dear customer.’ However, the importance of dynamic content is continually increasing. By not using it, you are missing the opportunity to tell customers why they need to come back to keep interacting with your brand and buying products.

Trend 5. Email marketing automation is on the rise.

Automated content is an excellent way to trigger messages to both customers and potential customers. Content, products, and information can be pulled from your site, e-commerce, or database and inserted directly into your email.

Companies can now create efficient, personalized messages and product recommendations for specific users. There are many benefits of email marketing automation including greater target communication, more adequate prospects, and increased revenue.

The end goal for marketers is not to just simply convert leads into customers, but instead expand the lifetime value of loyal customers who will keep returning. At Web Solutions of America, we understand that communicating with customers and potential customers is a critical part of any business. For more information on the marketing services we offer, contact us today by calling 407-636-4233.