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5 Great SEO Tools that are Free

In the ever-changing environment that Google presents through its algorithm updates, staying on top of your game as an internet marketer is a constant work in progress. We’re responsible for reading up on the latest trends and at times predicting what future algorithm updates Google has planned.

Naturally we need a few tools to help us along the way and over the years we’ve found a few that really do a great job. Some of these tools cost money, but today’s post strictly targets those that are free. Here are 5 great SEO tools you may want to check out:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner –   This tool is ideal for keyword research and developing ad group ideas within AdWords. The keywords you select for your website are vital to its success. Choosing keywords with low search volume can devastate your goals in a hurry. The Keyword Planner produces ideas and enables you to see which keywords get the highest search volume.
  • UbberSuggest – This is another great tool for finding relevant keywords. Simply type in a keyword and click on “Suggest.” Your results will consist of a long list of keyword suggestions.
  • Copyscape – Ever since the release of the algorithm Panda in 2011 website owners have had to worry about duplicate content. One of the easiest ways to see if the content on your site is duplicated is to insert it into Copyscape.
  • BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor – This tool allows you to type in a URL and extract the title tags and meta descriptions associated with it. It’s helpful when you want to look at a competitors list of title tags simply want to save your own.
  • Siteliner – Simply enter the URL of a site and Siteliner will generate all occurrences of duplicate content as well as broken links, the sitemap, and more.


Being a top internet marketer requires a certain skill set and expertise, but it’s equally important to know how to use some of the most helpful tools available. Take your SEO to the next level by incorporating some of these tools into your routine evaluations.