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5 Proven Landing Page Changes to Increase Conversions

Want to reduce the ‘bounce rate’ of your landing page?

Looking to increase your conversion rate optimization (CRO)?

When it comes to creating the perfect landing page, there are no hard-and-fast rules. What works for one website won’t necessarily translate to a different URL – variables like the target audience, type of product or service, and specific niche mean that you can’t use cookie-cutter landing page templates and expect to get optimal results.

That said, some universal elements are common among high-converting landing pages that you can use to increase conversions on your websites:

1) Craft A Killer Headline

Headlines continue to play a critical role in landing page conversions, particularly with the move towards data-lite, mobile-enabled sites where visitors want to know exactly what benefits the product, service, or brand will deliver.

2) Include Big Pictures

Landing page images are trending towards large, full-width pictures because that’s what helps drive conversion rates.

Choose one or two pictures or images that are representative of the brand, or in the case of a product, include an actual photo of the item you’re trying to sell.

3) Be Clear

Internet users want to know what you’re all about – and they don’t want to navigate through your website to find out what you’re offering them.

Include a straightforward, concise description of your product or service right on your landing page. Think of this as the online version of your ‘elevator pitch’ – a short, simple blurb that lets your target audience know what makes your company stand out.

4) Include Your Contact Information

Assure your visitors that your URL represents a real, legitimate enterprise by including your contact information right on your landing page.

And yes, that means your phone number and physical address – simply including a link to your email isn’t enough to inspire confidence in your audience, especially when you’re asking them to take action by buying a product, enrolling in a service, or providing their contact deets.

5) Tell Your Visitors To Take Action Now

Once you’ve managed to grab their attention, give your visitors’ clear instructions about what they should do now. Make use of a call-to-action (CTA) button – people know to look for one on a website.

Integrate bold, easy-to-read text, contrasting colors, and if appropriate, a matching graphic with your CTA to draw attention and drive your users to act.