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5 Ways Email Marketing Helps SEO

Why Email Marketing Helps SEOIf you’re going to take advantage of email marketing, you need to be smart about it. A quality email marketing campaign can have a lot of great benefits for your brand. Take a look at these five ways email marketing can help bolster your SEO efforts.

1. Social engagement

Designing emails with social sharing buttons will allow your readers to quickly share the content to their social media accounts, which improves social engagement for your business. As long as you’re creating solid, shareable email content, you can expect to see a boost in social engagement with a good email marketing campaign.

2. Bounce rate

Bounce rate describes how often users stay on your page for a while vs. how often they leave, or “bounce,” immediately. Fortunately, visitors who just read a well-crafted email of yours and followed a link to your site are significantly less likely to leave right away, which means an improved bounce rate.

3. Hook

Emails are a great hook for any other content you want to promote. Adding things like your social media accounts or YouTube channel to your emails will help promote them and give your readers more content of yours.

4. Targeting

Having an email list means you can take polls to get more information about your readers. Ultimately, this means you can provide a lot more personalized content which they’re likely to find useful, giving yourself a better name and building a steady base of readers.

5. Revitalize

Sometimes your content can sort of get swept under the rug. If you wrote an article months ago that didn’t get the attention you felt it deserved, you can always use email marketing to promote it to your readers again. Just make sure you only do this when it makes sense to promote old content.

A Little Help

Marketing can be difficult, but good email marketing can be a huge bonus for your business. If you need help figuring out how to master email marketing and get the most engagement from your readers, give the experts here at Web Solutions of America a call at (407) 636-4233 today.