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6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Website

When designing a website it’s always a good idea to understand your business’s demographic as well as new website design trends. To help with this do some research on your customers and see what they like as well as what your competition is doing in website design. After finding some information on your target demographic jot down some questions that will help you stay on target when designing the website. Keep these questions in the back of your mind at all times, because it is very easy to find some cool unrelated design and get totally off subject. If it is either adding a new widget, menu, call to action, or slider continually ask yourself these questions to see if your design fits with your criteria. Our Orlando website design firm has put together some basic questions to ask yourself when designing a website.

Is my website easy to read?

  • Make sure the font size is easy to read and has the appropriate size for each H1, H2, H3, and P tag.
  • Stick with a dark font on a light background. White text on a black background can be much harder to read.
  • It’s usually best to left align all of your text, especially for large paragraphs.
  • Use typefaces such as serif (Times) and standard sans-serif (Arial or Helvetica).
  • Only change your font style when you want to make something important or standout. Stay away from always using italic or condensed font styles.
  • If you have ads on your site separate it from your content.

Is my website easy to navigate?

  • Your navigation structure should include the most important pages that you want your visitors to navigate through.
  • Think how the flow of PR works when creating link structure. Create a chart beforehand with all of your pages.
  • Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for within 3 clicks.
  • Again, separate your content and your ads.
  • For ecommerce or blogging sites, a search box is a must along with tagging.

Is the layout and design consistent throughout my website?

  • A consistent design helps with branding.
  • Stick with the same layout when it comes to rounded corners, boxes, drop shadows, bullets, colors, or navigation.

Is my call to action working?

  • Make sure it is easy to read, find, and click.
  • Create a call to action that gets people’s attention and want to click it.
  • Look at your analytics and see where people are clicking.

Is my website social worthy?

  • Today’s websites are created with social interaction in mind and not just information.
  • Include icons for all of your social media profile .
  • Add Facebook like, tweet, Linkedin share, and Google +1 buttons through your site.

Will my website rank in the major search engines?

  • Stay away from Flash as much as you can! Anything in flash will not count as content for your page and will not help you rank.
  • Stay away from too much external linking as this will only give your flow of PR to other sites
  • Keep everything on the same domain.

If you have questions regarding designing or creating a website please feel free to contact us, use the live help, or include a comment underneath. Our designers and developers will be happy to take your questions.