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7 Elements For eCommerce Website Success

7 Elements For eCommerce Website SuccessEnsuring your eCommerce website incorporates best practices and modern features can help your business flourish within the online community. Working with a professional, experienced design team that understands the components of an effective eCommerce site can generate a website to sell your products or services, display their advantages, and build trust between you and your audience.

Consider the following elements you must incorporate into your eCommerce website before launching your business online:

  1. Logo
    A quality logo is an essential factor for any eCommerce business; it is often the first impression potential customers receive. A well-designed and recognizable logo can be a sign of reassurance and trust for customers.
  2. Free Shipping & Discounts
    Shopping deals, discounts, and free shipping are great sales tactics to capture consumers’ attention and keep them on your website. Very often, these are the first things customers look for and can determine whether or not they add an item to their cart. Deals and discounts prompt customers to spend, which means it’s ideal to position these eye-catching offers in optimized locations.
  3. News & Brand Products
    The homepage is an optimum location to put upcoming events, sales terms or promotions. Also, if you have branded products on sale, displaying them prominently can grab a potential customer’s attention, particularly for those who are unsure of what they need.
  4. Shopping Cart, Login Box, Search Box
    These three features are critical and all about convenience. Provide your customers with private accounts so they can check out all of their current and previous orders, as well as save payment options for checkout ease. A search bar is a must-have, creating a convenient shopping experience for the customer who knows what they want.
  5. Payment System Icons
    Online stores commonly use debit and credit cards or Pay Pal options as their primary payment systems. It is wise to clarify all your payment options throughout your website, so a customer knows if they have the proper payment methods available.
  6. Social Media Links
    Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are great ways to promote your products and services, as well as actively engage with your customers to remain top-of-mind. It’s critical to have social media links readily available to give customers looking to engage easy access to your online presence.
  7. Return Policies
    Most customers will want to know what your return policies are, especially if they are first-time buyers. Creating an easy-to-locate FAQ or policy section

If you’re looking to build a new eCommerce website, trust the local experts at Web Solutions of America to provide an optimized design. We offer the highest quality services to help you enhance your online persona and convert on more sales due to our understanding of best practices and experience in the eCommerce community. With web design and development services offered, as well as others, your eCommerce business will be on the rise. Contact us today at 407-636-4233 to speak to a design professional and receive a proposal.