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Google Now Introducing More Visual Search Ads

For US internet marketers who participate in online advertising, such as adwords, there is a now a new medium to advertise on. Google has incorporated a better way to display ads throughout their search through Google Product Listing Ads. This inclusion gives online advertisers the opportunity to list specific products listings with pictures of the actual product and price directly on the search.

Moving away from the traditional text ads gives the ad buyer a much better click through rate because of the picture and price displayed. Before Google’s Product Listings the advertiser could bid on the paid listings at the top or to the right side while only being able to drop in a link back to their site and a short description. Now users can include a picture and price directly towards one targeted product to attract more attention. Keep in mind too that in theory the more detailed the ad is; including more information about the product, price, and picture; the more unique the customer is who clicked on it resulting in a better return on investment from your adwords campaign.

With a product listing you can not only better target your market demographic you are looking but it leads the consumer right to the product they want on your site instead of your home page. With eliminating several steps or clicks to get to your product this greatly increases the chance of purchase.

To make Google Product Listing Ads sounds even better, Google offers a CPA purchasing basis. This means that the advertiser won’t be charged anything unless the product was actually sold. However, CPC is also allowed. Here is the video from Google