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SEO in Orlando

If you took all of the small and large businesses in the same industry in Orlando and compared their online presence to their competitors who do you think would come up in the search first?  Let’s take 3 companies within the same industry that all have a website and compare their online presence.

Imagine the first company (A) was a chain of 3 hotels that were local to Orlando, the second company (B) was a large chain of hotels that were known around the United States, and the third (C) was a small, mom and pop, motel.  The first company (A) has hired the help of an SEO company and they are doing an extensive amount of keyword research, organic link-building, and on-page content revision for the company. The larger company (B) has a much better designed website and because it is a larger company it has more pages within, but little keyword research, organic link-building or on-page efforts have been put into each page for their Orlando hotels. Lastly motel (C) has only an online presence. Which one of these companies will have the better chance of being seen when a search is made?

Many will automatically cancel out motel (C) in this test which is very true, but many will want to believe that the larger and more known hotel (B) will come up first for say searching for “Orlando hotel”. They are though wrong if that company has not implemented any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into their Orlando hotel pages. The on-page and off-page efforts that one does to get to that number one spot in Google is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Because company (A) has implemented SEO and has  taken the time to investigate what people are searching for locally, nationally, and even globally they have picked out noncompetitive keywords within their pages to rank for. Content was either written or changed around to rank for these keywords and because of that they will come up for searches in the top spots as well as much more often. Company (A) will be the winner in this test and will receive more traffic and business because of it. If smaller hotel chain (A) did not have hired SEO help then company (B) with more pages within would have come up first in the search.

SEO plays an important role in the online world and should be taken into consideration. Spending the money to build a website without SEO will not be of any help to you because you will never be seen. Comparing and optimizing your keywords, organic link-building, and content revision is the way to go for making that large online presence in front of your competition. Remember whether you are a small or large company it may not matter the size of your company in regards to who comes up first in the search rankings.