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How to import a Google Adwords campaign to Microsoft Adcenter

Microsoft Adcenter is the second largest PPC provider that serves ads to both Yahoo and Bing. It is almost identical in design and setup to the Google Adwords platform but is typically an afterthought due to the amount of traffic it sends (15%-20% of the search market). In this tutorial we’ll be discussing a few different ways to easily move your Adwords campaign to Microsoft Adcenter. Option 1 & Option 2 will utilize both Microsoft’s and Google’s free desktop editors. If you are not familiar with these free software platforms you may want to download and take each one for a test spin below.

Option 1 – Microsoft Adcenter Import:

  1. First setup a Microsoft Adcenter account. You can setup up a new account here.
  2. To export your Google Adwords campaign you’ll first need to download Microsoft’s Advertising Desktop. You can download the software here. Once you have downloaded it, open it and sign into the account you created in step #1.
  3. In the header of the Advertising Desktop you’ll find a button that says Import. Hit that button and enter your Google credentials.
  4. Follow the instructions to manually upload a campaign. Once the Google campaign has been uploaded to Microsoft it should automatically activate within Adcenter, so be sure to pause the campaign if you don’t need it to run immediately.

Option 2 – Google Adwords Export:

  1. Download the Google Adwords Editor here.
  2. Once you have opened the Adwords editor go to File > Open Account > Add Account and enter your Adwords login credentials. Choose the campaign you’d like to move to Microsoft Adcenter and hit “Open” and then select “All Campaigns” then OK.
  3. An Adwords campaign should now be loaded into the editor. Go to File > Export Spreadsheet (CSV) > Export Current Campaign > Save.
  4. Now go to, login to your account and select “Campaigns”.
  5. Directly below the account select drop down is a link that says import your campaign. Click that link and then browse for the file that you setup in step #3. Upload the file and follow the steps until the contents of your campaign are fully transferred. (Note: location settings may need to be changed).

These two methods are the easiest way to move a Google Adwords campaign to Microsoft and are massive time savers.