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Are Footer Links Better for SEO than Paragraph Links?

Question: Are footer links better for SEO than paragraph links?

Answer: No


Back in the day the flow of PageRank was spread “evenly” across the links on a web page. No matter where a link was placed on a page, such as in the paragraph or in the footer, each link received the same amount of link juice. However, this does not apply anymore today.

Today’s algorithm change from Google adds emphasis to where the link is actually placed upon the web page. Thanks to what is called the “Reasonable Surfer Model,” each link on a page is calculated with a different weight depending upon how noticeable it is to the web surfer. A good example of this would be to open up any webpage and scroll down the page only looking at the links displayed. Which links are more noticeable first? They would most likely be the larger, more dominant links on the page that get your attention. Google gives a higher flow of PR to these more dominant links because of their importance of getting the surfer to where they want. They also believe that links within the paragraph, also called editorial links, are more likely to be more relevant and withhold a greater reputation.

Footer links will always receive less of a flow of PR to them than editorial paragraph links because they are positioned lower down the page.