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Why do Auto Dealerships love working with us?

  • Maybe it’s because we operate with month-to-month agreements and never a contract.
  • Maybe it’s because we treat clients the way WE want to be treated – we keep our word and are always a quick phone call away.
  • Or maybe it’s the most obvious reason of all: We help you get new leads!

Car Dealer Lead Increases

  • Search Engine Optimization: Make Sure That Car-Buyers Find You First
  • Pay-Per-Click: Stay foremost in the Car-Buyers’ Mind
  • Reputation Monitoring: Keep Word of Mouth Under Control
  • Email Campaigns & Banner Ads: Repeat & Test Your Offers

Search Engine Optimization: Make Sure That Car-Buyers Find You First

Okay, you already know that most people click the VERY top listings on Google’s search results page.

heat map
That’s why job #1 for us is making sure you rank at the top, for the right keywords.

But did you know that the way search engines like Google decide who to put at the top is constantly changing?

  • The old techniques don’t work like they used to, and many SEO firms use outdated methods that not only don’t work, but they can actually cause a negative results in your rankings!While this has been a nightmare for some, it’s been wonderful news for our clients.Why?Because we stay on top of Google’s changing rules and we always make sure you stay outside of Google’s fierce penalty box and on the top of the search results!

    Save on Cost-Per-Click
    Number of Daily Leads Increased 259% Traffic to the Hanania Auto Group main site (10 Dealerships) increased by 151%, but the number of DAILY leads in their dealerships – measured in form completions and phone calls – soared from 51 per day to 183 per day! An increase of 259%

    PayPerClick: Stay foremost in the Car-Buyers’ Mind

    Did you know that new AND used-car buyers spend 60% of the buying process ONLINE?

    That’s why online advertising – pay-per-click advertising and banner advertising – is absolutely crucial, but only if you do it the right way!

    Our Google-Certified PayPerClick Manager will make sure that you get better results from every ad dollar!

    How? By testing and tracking your advertising, running one ad against another to see which one performs better.

    This ongoing head-to-head comparision, with results measured in actual leads – means finding and eliminiating the ads that are a drain on your ad budget

    Result? Better performing ads, more leads for you!


Reputation Monitoring: Keep Word of Mouth Under Control

According to a 2011 study, 4 out of 5 customers will reverse purchase decisions based on negative online reviews.

This is why our Online Reputation Monitoring service has gone from optional to crucial for dealerships.

When we monitor social media for you, you’ll get an alert immediately when a negative comment about you is posted.

The result? Give an answer, find a resolution, solve the problem if you can.

Then when people are searching online to begin their car search, they will see that YOU respond quickly and are a master of customer service.

Email and Banner Ads:  Repeat & Test Your Offers

Did you know that Dealership emails are opened even more than Retail or Restaurant emails?  But that only 22% of Dealerships even bother to send emails?

This is why we take our email creative solutions VERY seriously, and why our clients have even more ways to outshine their competition.

Let your emails be a reflection of your style and brand. Polished to sparkling perfection, our emails stand out in even the most cluttered email inbox.

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