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Caution! Google Reducing Tolerance for Low Quality Links

Caution Google PenguinThe biggest reason a website ranks well on Google is because of its inbound links. This is also the #1 reason why websites don’t rank well! Google uses inbound links from other websites as a key indication of where to rank a website. Unfortunately many website owners use tactics such as buying links, link trading and automated submittal tools as a way to trick Google into ranking them higher. These methods worked years ago but not anymore.

Web Solutions does not use any link schemes as a method of boosting ranks, for good reason. Google has greatly reduced its tolerance for low quality links in its most recent updates. Before these updates it was estimated that Google penalized sites when 80% of its inbound links were considered low quality. Now that number seems to be at about 50%. Google considers a link to be low quality if the website it comes from is not relevant, if it is purchased, or if the webpage with the link participates in link schemes. Google has announced another update will be coming later this year, and it is presumed these links will be looked at even more closely.