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Does My Small Business Need SEO?

By now just about every business owner understands the importance of investing in a website, but how many actually capitalize on their investment? Internet marketing made advertising in newspapers and magazines a thing of the past as most people now start their search for products and services online. However having a website that doesn’t rank on the first or second page of your targeted search results is practically worthless for generating sales and revenue as most users rarely search past the first two pages of popular search engines like Google and Bing.

The ticket to ranking your website on the first page of search results is search engine optimization (SEO). A common question that’s asked is “does my small business need SEO?” Our answer to this question is an absolute yes. SEO is especially important to small businesses because they have to compete against companies with bigger advertising budgets.

Incorporating SEO into your advertising and marketing budget is crucial if you wish to make money with your website. The process is sometimes slow depending on your industry and competition, but in time a well-executed SEO strategy will bring more customers to your business.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is complex and ever-changing thanks to Google’s continuous algorithm updates. Keeping up with the latest trends and upholding the highest standards takes time and effort, but that’s what businesses get when they work with us. We offer the following services as part of our comprehensive approach to SEO:

Keyword research – We perform an in-depth analysis of keywords that are relevant to your business. We’ll gather the data and implement a strategy for creating content and ranking pages for the associated keywords.

On-site optimization – This is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Optimizing title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and content tells search engines what your site is all about.

Link building – This is a difficult, yet necessary element of search engine optimization. Link building used to be a relatively easy part of SEO, but acquiring quality links from other websites these days is a challenging and time-consuming task. Google’s latest algorithm updates have set the bar high as far as what is considered a quality link and we make sure to uphold these standards for our clients.

Content development – Creating quality content has become an essential element of SEO. Search engines are now able to determine whether the content being produced is quality versus something that was put together quickly. Our writers understand the importance of producing well-researched articles that satisfy search engines as well as your audience.

Pay per click advertising – One of the best ways to increase traffic to a site is to initiate a pay per click campaign. However there is a science to creating an effective campaign and we have the resources to do it. We’re Google Adwords Certified and while competition depends heavily on the industry, we’ll ensure your business is competing with the best of them.

If you’re still asking “does my small business need SEO?” then give us a call at 407-998-5593 and we’ll be more than happy to explain how SEO can help your business.