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Does selling the same product on multiple domains count as spam?

According to Matt Cutt’s video on this subject, he states that selling the same product on multiple domains will most likely be considered spam unless the following conditions are met:

  • Each website must have a “radically different layout
  • Each website must have a different selling approach
  • Each website must have a different structure

Overall each website must be completely different in all ways to not be considered spammy. Google’s spam team believes that if a person is creating a lot of duplicate sites they feel as if that person will try to cut ways to get their sites up quicker, such as using auto generated content, syndicated feeds, and cookie cutter themes. This does nothing but add clutter to the search results, which Google does not want.

Will you get more traffic though from creating multiple clone websites?

The answer is no. It would be much smarter to focus your time in creating one site and building authority to it. Spending time creating original dynamic content and getting links to it will build your PR and boost traffic to your site. Having duplicated content and cloned sites will only get you penalized and not even seen in the search results.

If you have multiple websites that all sell the same products try this quick test to see if your products are being indexed in Google:

Copy a line or two of your product description and paste it into a Google Search. If your page comes up then you are being indexed, but look for other duplicate sites that have the same text in the search result. If there are other sites that do then your page could be getting penalized.

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