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Don’t Forget The Title

Don't Forget The TitleWhen creating a piece of content for your site or a client’s, you’ll likely put every effort into getting the wording just right. You’ll include strong keywords. You’ll keep the paragraphs short and precise. All of this should culminate in a piece of writing that is compelling to readers. There’s one thing, though, that often gets tacked on as an afterthought: the title.

People spend so much time perfecting the body of the copy, yet very little time coming up with a title. As users of the Internet, we’re constantly bombarded with information. Twitter is jam-packed with links to articles just like yours. What’s going to make someone click on a link to your content?

The title.

Those few words you slap on top of the page are often the only thing a person will have when deciding whether or not they’d like to read your content. Make them count.

Your title doesn’t necessarily need to stand out. Sometimes a flashy title works. Generally, it gets lost among all the other flashy titles. Instead, go for quality titles. Let readers know what your article holds. Choose your words ever so carefully so that the person reading your title has a decent idea of why they should read your content.

Tip: Never cross the line into clickbait. It’s become common practice to create titles that are vague, overly-attention grabbing, and usually misleading. “You Won’t BELIEVE How She Handled THIS Situation!” tells you nothing of real value. Clickbait may get you clicks, but it will never get you quality clicks.

Try making your title conversational, as if you were speaking to a friend. In the same vein as talking to a friend, consider how someone might find your content with Google. What words would they use? Having a Google-friendly title can take your content much farther than a cute or funny one.

Does it look too boring or stuffy? It doesn’t have to be all formal. You can break up a line of words with numbers and symbols to catch the eye.

Tip: Adding numbers and symbols does not mean your title should look like this: “12 TiPs 2 Find Gr8t Shoe Deals!!” Use numbers, symbols, capitalization, and punctuation appropriately.

Keeping our suggestions in mind, here are a few examples of standard titles turned into ones that will generate clicks: