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Effective Email Marketing Trends for your Business

Email marketing trendsOver the last decade or so, email has dominated the marketing world and we don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. In fact, it is predicted to continue to grow this year by at least another 3%, leaving it with more than 3.8 billion users worldwide. So, if you aren’t using email marketing yet, it may be time to get in on the game.

As you decide on your email strategy for the rest of 2018, here are some trends to consider implementing:

  • Interactive elements
    Using more dynamic and interactive items in your emails such as galleries, sliders, buttons, quizzes, and surveys that don’t require you go to a landing page has been proven to increase engagement. Trends show that people are more likely to interact with the email when they can do so right in their inbox. However, not all mail clients support integrated email features, so be sure you’re not sending out an email that can’t be read.
  • Conversational tones
    The days of fancy advertisements to the inbox are gone. Consumers do not want to see any more business-like marketing messages, but rather individualized emails that read like a conversation. In order to apply this trend, write your emails as if you are actually talking to your audience.
  • Personalization
    Another way to individualize your emails is to put in some personal touches based on your understanding of the customer’s history. Whether you add their name into the body of the message, congratulate them on something like a birthday or wedding, or offer advice to them about a product they just bought, your audience will appreciate the connection they feel when your emails are made more personal.
  • List Segmentation
    Segmenting your list is a great way to make sure you’re always sending relevant content to your subscribers. You can do so based on the demographic information they give you, survey or quiz results, past purchases, and other interests. You can then decide which information would be best sent to which lists.
  • Plain Text Emails
    Another trend that seems to be growing quite a bit this year are plain text emails. Many subscribers don’t like to have to view an email in a browser and many see those highly graphic emails as pure sales messages, shutting them down to the idea of engaging. However plain text emails come across as personal, easy to read, and they look the same across all devices. Because the emails are reminiscent of one they would receive from a friend or family member, subscribers may be more open to receiving them and be willing to continue a conversation.
  • Mobile First
    If you’re not going to use plain text emails, make sure your emails are formatted for mobile phones first. Just like with your website, the majority of emails are viewed on a mobile device – a number that will only increase over the next year. So, be sure to stay ahead of that curve.

Adding email marketing to your business’s digital media strategy can be slow to start, but with the help of an experienced marketing team you’ll see great returns in no time. At Web Solutions of America, we have experienced email marketers ready to build a campaign that is sure to bring in more business and consumer loyalty. Get started today by filling out a contact form online or calling us at 407-636-4233.