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Why Business’s Shouldn’t Use a Personal Facebook Profile

At Web Solutions of America we strive to build a strong portfolio of great social media case studies and how we make this possible is not by a one solution fits all social media campaign. We are known for our creativity and emphasize this even in our proposals for new clients. We have spent an exponential number of hours searching through Facebook business pages studying them to see what is working and what isn’t. While browsing through business pages we have came across a number of companies that are using Facebook personal profile’s instead of the Facebook fan page. Okay, so here’s the question of the day: Why should companies be adequately using the Fan Page’s over a Personal Profile?

Having seen a countless number of small businesses using personal profiles as their main company page as well as having the topic being brought up several times I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on why it’s extremely important to create a fan page. Let’s go over just a brief definition of each first. Facebook’s personal profiles are meant for real people and have features and functionality meant for such personal use. Business fan pages are designed for companies and offer analytic’s that a personal profile can’t.

Starting out with a personal profile will only create headaches down the road. These profiles are only allowed a maximum of 5000 friends, do not allow for apps or custom tabs, and with them it wouldn’t be possible to implement a like button for a company on its own web site. Along with these restrictions, it is also against Facebook’s rules to create a fake identity. If they catch onto your fake identity, they can instantly terminate the account.

Creating a fan page is the right way to go. For fan page owners or admins, Facebook offers analytics in which can pull reports on how well the page is doing. Their term for analytics, called Insights, allows an admin to see where the traffic is coming from, the total number of post views, and much more. With a fan page the company can create custom tabs or apps for promotions of business information, and with Facebook’s new fan page update brand managers can now also use a fan page just like a personal profile, with the ability to post on other walls.

If you would like more information on the difference between the two or setting up a Facebook fan page for your company send us an email at or check out our live Facebook help session Friday’s.