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Google AdWords Tips from the Pros

There’s no question that Google AdWords is the #1 tool internet professionals use to develop web marketing campaigns. It’s free to use and seems relatively straightforward, so sometimes companies try to conduct their own in-house internet marketing, often with frustrating results. Even those who have gone through the AdWords certification program may find that they still have trouble getting a solid ROI.

At Web Solutions of America (WSOA), we have conducted numerous marketing campaigns in many different industries and geographical locations, for clients with both large and small budgets. We believe that there is no better teacher than experience, so use the following tips we have learned to get the most out of AdWords.

Pay Attention to Google AdWords Best Practices

The goal of every search-engine marketing campaign is to have your website link at the top of the list. If you are optimizing for Google, then it only makes sense to pay attention to what Google values in an ad. And it’s not like you have to take shots in the dark – they tell you exactly what they look for in ads. The key is to make sure your keywords, headline, and content all relate to each other. If they don’t, Google will view your ad as low-quality and charge you more for a worse position. You can save money and rank better if only you follow Google’s own advice.

Optimize with Location Settings and the Dimensions Tab

A lot of our clients fail to use key features of AdWords when they try to run their own marketing campaigns, which ends up costing them a lot of money on junk clicks and bounces. To trim these non-converting clicks down, first change your location settings to “People in my targeted location.” That way, you eliminate paying for people searching for your location and keyword, which is far less likely to convert.

Likewise, poorly chosen keywords can cost you a fortune, fail to be effective, or both. The Dimensions tab gives you a treasure trove of data related to your campaign. You can see how many times one of your ads was clicked, how much you paid for each click, the time of day your ad was clicked, what region your traffic came from, and more. This can be invaluable for adjusting and optimizing your strategy.

Save Money with Exact Keywords and Negative Keywords

The default setting for AdWords searches is Broad Match, which means that your ad will run if your keyword is anywhere in the search phrase. This is incredibly inefficient and a waste of money since the search might not even remotely relate to your business. Instead, cut out the bad clicks by choosing the Exact Match setting. This ensures that your ad will only run when it is pertinent and have a chance to convert.

You can also weed out crummy clicks by utilizing negative keywords. If you want ads to convert, you want to avoid value shoppers by excluding words like cheap or free, since they are more likely to bounce from site to site looking for the best deals. By eliminating these low-quality leads, you give yourself a better chance every time your ad is clicked because it likely means that the person is actually interested in your services.

Hire AdWords Professionals for Your Business

There is no better way to optimize your marketing campaigns than to hire a professional web marketing firm like WSOA. Our wealth of experience in various industries and campaign sizes makes us more efficient and effective than any in-house marketing strategy. Our holistic approach to web marketing gives your company the best chance to convert from PPC, SEO, E-Mail, and Social Media advertising. If you’d like to learn more about our experience or services, please give us a call today at 407-636-4233.