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Google Carousel is Going Away for Some Local Search Results

It is being rumored that Google is getting rid of the Carousel for local search results within specific categories, including restaurants, hotels, nightlife and various forms of entertainment. The Carousel was first launched in June 2013 and since its release it has been controversial amongst SEOs – the main reason being that it pushed organic search results further down the page.

As it stands this morning some of us are still seeing the carousel:

Google intends to replace the Carousel with a 3-pack listing of restaurants – similar to their Map Pack listings. Here is an example we’re seeing for “Orlando Restaurants:”

It appears that every change Google makes to its search results is another step towards pushing down organic rankings. Many believe it is all part of Google’s master plan: if you want to rank at the top of the search results, you’re going to have to pay for an ad.

In addition to having an SEO strategy, we encourage all of our clients to invest in PPC advertising and it’s quickly become one of our best services.