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Google Places and Your Web Site

Google has rolled out a new interface for its local search feature known as Google Places. The SEO team at Web Solutions has seen this coming for a while and although nobody was sure what the final product would look like we were certain that it would be a game changer, and it is. For quite some time now Web Solutions of America has made certain that we were paying as close attention to the elements of SEO that effect local search as we were for the elements that effect national ranks (ranks not appended with a geo location). This effort has paid off as the web sites we work on loss of visibility on Google has not been an issue.

Google is a company that keeps its secrets very close to the vest. They are not in the habit of telling search marketing professionals what changes are coming down the pike. The only way to hope to stay ahead of their algorithm is by being actively involved in the search industry.
We are passionate about our work. We are involved in the search industry and work tirelessly to do everything we can to make certain the elements of SEO that effect search positions and the bottom line are in place on every web site we work on.
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