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Google’s +1 Comparison to the Facebook Like

Google has just rolled out a new feature in their search, the Google Plus One. The idea behind the Plus One is to help other surfers find more popular and better results in Google’s search. When you click the Plus One you are making a live recommendation on a certain page, product, or pretty much anything you are viewing. After you have Plus 1’d something others will be able to see how many people have Plus 1’d a site and if you are logged in you are able to see the Plus 1’s from your friends if they have done so. The Plus One button from Google looks as if they just duplicated Facebook’s like button in design but functionality wise it may not actually all be the same.

The main thought behind both features are present; they both want to make sharing easier, make it easier to find more popular information, and to create a more inviting and interactive experience. The downside to the Plus 1 is not only will they be competing with the Facebook like button but the majority of people have a Facebook profile and share information within. The reason why so many people are active daily Facebook users is because they can easily share and post content to their friend’s walls. How will Google take this into account? Here are some questions for Google to think about as they roll out their new feature.

    • When a surfer clicks a Plus One will this also transfer back to their Facebook Profile or Newsfeed where everyone else can see?
    • I believe it is a great idea towards a better search but why not just use the Facebook Like instead?
    • If a Facebook like button is present along side of the Google Plus One what button will searchers press?
    • Will this in turn just create more spam due to people using fake email accounts to press the Plus One on their own websites?

Post your thoughts on the Google Plus One below.