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Great Content Means Great Ranks

Google reportedly makes over 300 changes to its algorithms every year. These changes can be made to any of the 200 elements of SEO that Google uses to rank a website in its results pages. One thing that has never changed is the importance of text on the page.

Nobody knows more about your business and your customers than you do. Reach out to your potential clients en masse by regularly adding articles that give them information that is important to your industry.

When creating content for your website consider these 4 points:

1) It must be 100% unique. Google’s biggest push in the last few years has been to devalue web sites that use content borrowed from other sites. They have gotten very good at detecting copied text, even when it has been changed slightly.
2) If you think the information contained in the article you are writing is too valuable to give away, you’re on the right track! Of course trade secrets should be kept to yourself, but information that has value to you has value to the reader.
3) Create content for your visitors, not the search engines. Don’t overuse your keywords, just write naturally.
4) Make the articles you create relevant to your industry.
Once the article is finished, send it to your SEO team for their input. They will place the title and header elements as needed and get it published and ranking on the search engines. In almost all cases, Web Solutions will not charge existing clients to add a new page to the site, so once it’s written, it’s painless!