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Guest Blogging – Just how beneficial is it?

You can find an abundance of information sorting out the strategies behind guest blogging. However the real benefits of guest blogging are not always clear. When done correctly, guest blogging can be used as an important tool in the virtual world to help businesses of all industries grow and expand. Contrary to what many may think, guest blogging offers value beyond a few backlinks. Let’s dive into how guest blogging increases brand awareness, sends targeted traffic, and improves SEO metrics.

Brand Awareness
Businesses are constantly struggling to set themselves apart from the competition. Fortunately the internet provides a great venue to spread brand awareness at a relatively low cost. By contacting and submitting quality content to highly relevant and authoritative websites, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to spread their brand across a much larger audience. It’s important to remember that Google recognizes quality guest blogging so it’s important to know how Google determines the difference between spam and a quality blog.

Targeted Website Traffic
It goes without saying that businesses are always in need of more website traffic. Guest blogging is a terrific way to drive more qualified, target customers to a site. With guest blogging, business owners can pick and choose their target audience. If done correctly, owners can see a spike in website traffic in a relatively short period of time. Choosing highly relevant and authoritative blogs to place excellent content will result in higher conversions as well.

Guest Blogging for SEO
Guest blogging provides an excellent strategy for building quality, relevant backlinks to a website. However, when discussing backlinks, it’s important to understand quality over quantity. Google is continually tweaking its algorithms, putting more value on higher quality links. Although writing and submitting quality content is much more time consuming than traditional back-linking methods, backlinks from guest blogging are worth the effort. When done correctly, this typically results in greater website visibility in the search engines.

If you’re thinking of new, innovative ways to expand your audience and grow your customer base, guest blogging is the perfect strategy. Web Solutions of America offers professional SEO services for all industry types. Our mission is to provide clients with proven marketing strategies that work. Contact us today for your free, no obligation website evaluation.