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Have You Been Hit by a Google Penalty or Algorithm Update?

Google hands out hundreds of thousands of manual penalty actions to webmasters every month. Of these Google processes about 20,000 reconsideration requests during the same time period. A reconsideration request is a plea from a webmaster or site owner asking Google to review their site again (typically after they have made changes to appease Google). Naturally the recovery time from a manual penalty can take some time and the same can be said from a drop in rankings after an algorithm update.

What You Can Do to Recover

We routinely receive calls from site owners asking us to help them recover and we’re more than happy to help. If your site suddenly drops in rankings and it seems like all traffic has disappeared, it’s usually because of one or two reasons: Your site has duplicate, low quality content; or it has backlinks that are no longer tolerated by Google. Luckily there are ways to fix both of these issues.

Website owners have the choice of building a brand new site on a separate domain, or rewriting their content and removing all the low quality backlinks. Either way we can help, but site owners have to realize that it’s going to take time to recover. Getting links removed or disavowing them through Google isn’t an easy task. Rewriting content is also a big job if you have a lot of pages on your site. We’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action after our evaluation.

How do you determine if your drop in rankings is the result of a manual penalty or algorithm update? Well if it’s a manual penalty you should receive an email from Google telling you so. However if you don’t receive an email the easiest thing you can do is check Google Analytics – that is if you have it set up. If it’s set up you can see the exact date that your traffic declined and check if there was an algorithm update released around that time. If you don’t have Google Analytics, you can give us the approximate date when you lost traffic and we’ll have a good idea of what caused it.

As Google continues to lower its tolerance for low quality content and bad backlinks, search engine optimization will become harder and more time-consuming. At Web Solutions of America we make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest standards set by Google and we only practice high quality SEO.