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Healthcare Logo Design: 3 Fundamental Tips to Start With

Healthcare Logo Design: 3 Fundamental Tips to Start With

After putting so much time into hiring top talent, securing a location, and designing an office space, you’re finally ready to introduce the rest of the world to your healthcare facility — well, almost. Before you start posting on social media or printing marketing materials, you first need to design a logo to help patients recognize your brand. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get the ball rolling on your dentist office, hospital, or health clinic logo, here are three tips to start with. 

Stay True to Your Brand 

What’s your specialty? What’s your promise to patients? Call them kitschy or obvious, but these are the types of questions you’ll need to reflect on as you start the logo design process. Understanding your brand and your audience will help you narrow down colors, fonts, and icons that feel genuine to your healthcare facility. If, for example, your goal is to build a dermatology brand with an upper-class clientele in a high scale location, you’ll probably find that chunky text and neon colors aren’t going to help you achieve it. 

Don’t Overdo (or Underdo) It 

In logo design, there’s a fine line between detailed and overdone. A highly complex logo is excessive, and it can take away from the message you’re trying to convey. Despite that, a highly minimalistic logo is only effective when it truly speaks to your brand. To be safe, stick with a cleaner design and err on the side of simplicity — but don’t feel pressured to keep adding layers or strip your logo bare. If you struggle to find confidence in your designs, know that the most successful healthcare logos have:

  1. Two to three colors
  2. No more than one font 
  3. Scalable dimensions 

Design for Down the Line 

A logo is one of the most essential pieces of brand recognition, which is why most businesses wait decades or longer before they even think about changing theirs. Knowing that the letters, shapes, and shades you choose are going to be with you long term, you’ll need to consider how they’ll age over the life of your healthcare facility. Not all trends are built to last, which mean it’s safer to stick with basic design principles rather than use your brand as a logo test subject. 

Healthcare Logo Designers 

Like with social media, content marketing, and website development, your healthcare center’s logo deserves the expert intuition of marketing specialists. At WSOA, we’ll channel your mission, vision, and values into a noticeable, timeless design. And if you aren’t quite ready to commit to one logo, our designers will continue to refine and redesign until you select one with complete certainty. Contact us today to get started.