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How Content Affects Website Rankings in a Post-Panda Environment

Google ContentIf you’re into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then you remember Google’s February 2011 algorithm update called Panda. It shocked website owners by impacting nearly 12 percent of search results.

Those who were unaffected let out a big sigh of relief as others scrambled to recover and find out why their site had dropped in the rankings. This particular algorithm update targeted duplicate, low quality content and some offenders paid the price.

The key word there is “some.” Reasons why some offenders weren’t penalized can still be debated, but many believe the Panda update revealed more about other SEO practices outside of content production. For example, some think high-ranking websites with duplicate or low quality content showed everyone the power behind backlinks – links to your website presented on someone else’s website.

Google received countless complaints from website owners asking why their website was penalized and why others who displayed similar content tactics were left alone. The answers to these complaints were numerous and included copied content, repetitive content, irrelevant content, poorly researched or written content, and so much more.

But the major difference was that some websites were just too strong to be impacted by the Panda update. The power of their backlinks outweighed their low quality content and any influence that Panda was intended to make.

Quality Content Standards

For websites that felt the effects of Panda, they quickly learned their content needed to be changed. They also realized they needed to strengthen their website with backlinks. Some tried to handle these changes by themselves while others hired an SEO company to ensure a quick recovery.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to improve your content:

  • Eliminate or enhance all content that appears to be thin or lacking information
  • Present clear, comprehensive and easy to understand content
  • Ask yourself if you’re presenting content in a new way. Is it original?
  • Avoid repetitive content. Make sure it’s worthy of its own page and check to see if the content you’re adding can be an addition to a previously existing page on your site.
  • Ensure your content is relevant to the title of the page as well as your website
  • Make sure your visitors can understand what the page is about within the first few paragraphs
  • Present pictures, graphs or infographics whenever possible to enhance your content
  • Edit content and eliminate all spelling or factual errors


Does content impact your website’s ranking? Absolutely. Are we still operating under the impression that “content is king” two years after Panda? Certainly not. The best SEO practice is to present high quality content on a site that is powered by its backlinks.

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