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site speed for seo

How Fast is Your Website? It Matters to Google!

Site speed is playing and ever-increasing role in how well your website ranks on search engines like Google. With mobile web browsing taking popularity over desktops daily, people expect every site to load in less than a few seconds. Google has been penalizing slow websites and moving fast sites to the top. As a SEO company, we have taken action. Here are a few things that can be done to help lower website load times:

1. Use Caching to your Advantage

– Caching is the process of storing something for future use. Caching certain futures of a website (pictures, videos, code, etc) helps decrease the time it take to load by not having to download items repeatedly, for every visitor, every time they visit the site. There are many types of caching available, including server, browser, and page cache, all which have different effects and purposes.

2. File Compression

– Google has stated over and over that they expect sites to use file compression to keep load times down. Compressing files reduces their size to a fraction, therefore taking less time to generate when you need it.

3. Don’t Upload Huge Images

– There is an option to “save images for web” on just about any image editor. Use it and watch your site’s load time drop. Avoid using massive, highly detailed images if at all possible. This tip alone can make a website seconds faster.

4. Delete Unnecessary Plugins

– Contrary to popular belief, just because “there’s a plugin for that”, doesn’t mean you need to use it. Only use plugins that are necessary to get the job done. The rest will slow down your site dramatically.

5. Use a Content Delivery Network

– A CDN makes site speed faster by taking the files that are used regularly, but never changed and distributes them to servers around the globe, so that your users will always have a sever close by. This is usually only an issue for large websites that have many visitors from around the world. Local businesses will not see the benefits of a CDN.

6. Get a New Hosting Provider

– Hosting your website on a slow, outdated, and overcrowded server will slow it down, no matter how optimized your site is for speed.

Needless to say, speeding up a site can be a handful. Through site speed optimization, WSOA has cut load times for our clients by as much as 5 seconds in some cases. Internet users are becoming more impatient and want to see your site load as fast as possible. If you’re having trouble getting your site speed under control, give Web Solutions of America a call.