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How Local Businesses Find Success Online

Depending on your industry you may or may not have a lot of competition in your area. If you live in a small city and don’t have a lot of competition, appearing on the first page of Google’s search results for desired keywords probably isn’t that difficult to accomplish. However if you live in a populated area and have numerous competitors, attaining rankings on the first page of search results will be much harder to achieve and you’ll likely need an experienced SEO team to make it happen.

Typically most business owners don’t have the time or know-how to lead their own search engine optimization effort. SEO trends shift each year and it usually takes a team of experienced gurus to get results. Additionally there are countless on-site optimization tactics that are essential to ranks and none may be more important than title tags.

Tips for Boosting Ranks

If there is a keyword or phrase you wish to rank for, it is important to create a page about that keyword. Once the page is created it is crucial to assign appropriate title tags to the page in order to help tell Google what the page is about.

Equally important to title tags is content production. The content on your site must be relevant and original. If you take content from another site and use it as your own, Google will label it as duplicate content and your site will eventually drop in rankings. Create content that answers a question and is useful to your visitors. If you’re lucky they may share that content or perhaps reference you on their own site, thus creating a link back to your site. This is commonly known as link building.

Links to your site are one of the biggest factors that Google weighs when determining the value of your site and whether it should rank for particular keywords and phrases. Link building in 2014 is one of the most painstaking processes of SEO, but in order to beat out the competition they’re absolutely necessary.

One of the best decisions a business owner can do to their website in 2014 is make sure it’s mobile-friendly. Many local businesses are finding that as much as 50% of their traffic comes from searchers using a mobile device. When designing a mobile-friendly website it is best to create a responsive web design. Even Google has acknowledged that it prefers responsive web design.

Social Media and Paid Advertising

Staying active in social media and engaging customers on a regular basis can go a long way these days. Through social media you can communicate with customers, answer questions, provide updated information about your business, and offer discounts. The benefits are endless and customers are much more likely to continue using your services if they have a relationship with you.

Pay-per-click advertising is another important aspect of having a successful online presence. Businesses who are just now starting their SEO efforts are ideal candidates for PPC because their site will reach their viewers without having high ranking keywords.

If you’d like to increase your business’ local online presence contact us today and we’ll happily put together a game plan to map out your future success.