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How Smarter Web Design Can Make Your Law Firm Stand Out

How Smarter Web Design Can Make Your Law Firm Stand Out

Why do users bounce from websites? They’re either losing interest, not finding what they’re looking for, or simply having a bad experience. Yet, interactive, informative, and responsive web design might not be enough to keep them around. That’s because these are the new standards in web design and development, and if you want your law firm’s site to stand out, you’ll need to offer up something that visitors weren’t expecting. 

Fewer Frills 

Some attorney websites have just about every bell and whistle imaginable, which certainly doesn’t make them any faster, sleeker, or more enjoyable. Extra copy, uncompressed images, and text graphics drag down your site’s performance and send users bouncing. Get rid of these heavy elements to minimize clutter and speed up your webpages.

No Scrolling Necessary 

The average user’s attention span is no longer than eight seconds, which means there really isn’t much time to capture it. If users have to click, search, or scroll to find something worth their while, they probably won’t. That’s why you need to grab their attention above the fold, which is the section of each webpage that’s visible without scrolling. Below are a handful of ways your law firm’s site can reel in users above the fold. 

  • Promote something.

A sale, a service — if there’s something you want to highlight, do it where users will first be able to see it.   

  • Include a form.

If a user likes what they see, having a ready-to-complete form makes it easy for them to leave their information or request some from your law firm.  

  • Ask a question.

Questions are an incredibly easy way to speak directly to your audience, their needs, and their wants. 

  • Call users to action.

Whatever you want users to do — complete a form, sign up for your newsletter, or subscribe to your email list — make it obvious with a clear call to action (CTA).

Web Design, but Make It Accessible

Every user should be able to access the content on your website. However, having accessible web design isn’t just the right move; it’s also the smart move. Google favors websites with image alt text, title tags, video transcriptions, and other features that create a pleasant user experience. So, if you want your law firm’s website to stand out in search engines, you’ll need to design it in a way that every user can appreciate. 

Smart Web Design(ers) for Your Law Firm 

You want the best for your website — the industry standards and the stand-out features. Ultimately, you want web design that really works for your law firm. At WSOA, the legal industry isn’t just one we’re familiar with; it’s one we specialize in. Our team of web designers and developers understand how to best market the services you bring to the table and provide your client’s with a cutting-edge website experience. To brainstorm ideas for a brand-new site or get started on an overhaul for your existing one, contact us today.