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How to Avoid Website Drop-Off After the Holidays

avoiding website drop after holidays

With last minute shopping, booking, and browsing, web traffic reaches its annual peak during the holiday season — which can exhaust both business owners and customers, alike. However, after the hustle-and-bustle subsides and customers return to work and resume their normal routines, it is customary for businesses to experience a decline in web traffic after the holidays. To assist businesses with maintaining visibility, engaging visitors, and avoiding significant drop-off, here are a few strategies that will help your website rebound from the post-holiday slump.

Promote Your Mobile Site

With people constantly and away from their desk, having a responsive, interactive, and user-friendly mobile version of your website is a must. Thanks to Wi-Fi, a mobile site or app will help keep potential customers plugged-in to your business while on-the-go. To help generate post-holiday traffic and buzzy word-of-mouth, follow-up the holiday rush with a strategic product launch or announcement that incentivizes customers to visit your site. For e-commerce sites, promoting a winter clearance sale is a great way to both increase traffic and move inventory after the holidays.

Market for the New Year

The beginning of each year signifies an opportunity for renewal and rebirth. Take advantage of your audience’s resolve to better themselves through positive growth and change by marketing towards their healthy New Year attitude. Increase your social media presence with inspiring posts that share encouraging content on how to better organize and prioritize their life with the assistance of your business’ goods or services.

Retarget Your Visitors

A remarketing campaign is always a great way to keep your business top-of-mind with former clients and casual visitors to your site. By employing targeted marketing strategies, you will not only increase web traffic but also leads, conversions, and profits.

Find the Right Solution

If your site is experiencing a noticeable drop in traffic and isn’t creating the volume of business you need, consult with the online marketing experts at Web Solutions of America. With dynamic content, optimized social media, and attractive website-building experience, our dedicated team has the skills to help your business succeed. Call us today at 407-636-4233 for a free quote on the marketing services you need.