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How to Keep Your Site Updated with Fresh Content

It isn’t a secret that Google likes to see websites add or update content to keep things fresh, but what happens when you run out of content ideas? There are several things you can do to overcome this obstacle – such as starting a blog – but first let’s explain why sites need fresh content.

One of the main reasons why it’s a good idea to keep the content on your site fresh is that Google prefers it. The search engine likes to see active contributors and they favor sites that frequently update their content. Returning visitors will also appreciate updated content.

Start a Blog

A blog is perhaps the easiest way to create new content that is relevant and current. Blog topics can consist of industry news, trends and leaders, just to name a few ideas. While it’s acceptable to promote new products, services or discounts that you offer through a blog, it’s best create posts that answer your audience’s questions and needs.

Create New Landing Pages

Finding new landing page ideas is a constant challenge and at times it requires keyword research to generate ideas. One thing you have to be careful about is overlapping pages or similar topics. Google doesn’t want to see multiple pages on your site that discuss the same topic. In fact, such a tactic may be seen as duplicate content. When creating new landing pages make them relevant to your industry make sure the topic is deserving of a page.

Rewrite or Update Existing Pages

There is always room for improvement so when you can’t think of a new page to create, look for pages that you can make better. Sometimes the pages we create become outdated as new information or statistics get released. Whether it’s rewriting the content or extending the length of a page, Google will see the changes you make as fresh content. An important rule to remember is to never sacrifice quality for quantity.

The creation of new content is a big part of search engine optimization. It also helps you increase the traffic to your site because the more pages you create, the better the chance someone has of finding your site.