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How to use SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a form of online marketing. Having a website is a great start to making ones presence known online. A site without SEO is like a billboard in the middle of the north pole! SEO specialist help convert sites to help users find them. This is done through many different techniques. For our purposes, we will discuss “On-Site” and “Off-Site” SEO.

Let’s discuss how to use SEO; On Site SEO consist of a number of elements. Let’s briefly go over a few of these.

  • Keywords
  • Title Tag
  • Header/Alt Tags
  • Content
  • Links
  • Analytics

How to use SEO – Keywords: Keywords, are the main words or phrases you want to market. These are phrases that when a user searches in Google, you want to be found. For example; Lets say you are a local law firm. Your keywords may include “Your City Personal Injury Attorneys”, or “Motorcycle Accident Attorney”.

How to use SEO – Title Tag: Arguably one of the most important factors of On Site SEO is the title tag. This is what the user sees on the top of the page, and the “title” in the search engine. Your keyword should be used in the title. An example of an appropriate title could be “Personal Injury Attorneys |”. Note that I used a pipe “|” to separate the phrases. Other forms of separation include commas, spaces and dashes. The underscore is not appropriate.

How to use SEO – Header/Alt Tags: Header tags include your larger font headings. These include the H1, H2, H3 html tags etc. You typically use these to separate areas, or to make notice of text. Try to include your keywords in the header tags. Alt tags can be used for images and links alike. A proper image alt tag is also used for the seeing impaired and should be used as it’s recommended standards.

How to use SEO – Content: Content is king! One of the most engaging, and important factors of any SEO strategy is content. Make sure your content catches the readers attention. Put some thought and creativity into the implementation of said content. Utilizing original, rich content is key. Duplicate content is frowned upon by Google and can cause negative impact in the SERPs.

How to use SEO – Links: Using the correct format for internal linking is important. Make sure your extensions are in appropriate format. The following is an example of correct format; Http:// For category, make sure you name the category relevant to the file. If your selling shoes, make the category the brand of shoe for example. Try to name your files utilizing the keywords or product.

How to use SEO – Analytics / Web Master Tools: Utilizing Analytics is key to success with SEO. After all, how do you determine your results? Tools such as Google Web Master Tools offer a wide array of Analytics / tools to help advance your site. Below is a video directly from Google, “Using Webmaster tools like an SEO” explaining Google Web Master tools on a spoof web site.

Let’s discuss how to use seo; Off Site SEO consist of a few elements but for our purposes we will discuss the most important, Back Links. Back Links are links coming to your site across the internet from other web sites and reputable sources. Links come in two different forms, Follow and No Follow. No Follow links do NOT help you raise your rank in the SERPs. These do however help you engage with users and with great content bring them your website. Many forums and blogs use “No Follow” links. I like many others, when I read a very great post or article, I tend to click on the users link, or view his profile and trace it back to his link. This is a great way to utilize No Follow Links. Follow Links on the other hand, which may be difficult to find, help pass authority to your website. These links help increase your rankings. View one of our other post here which discusses how Google works.

Many other factors contribute to SEO. What I have gone over are just some of the basics and many other techniques are used. SEO should be used in an overall Marketing strategy utilizing different medians including Social Media. Social media is becoming a huge factor in SEO and is currently part of the Google Algorithm which Matt Cutts has released a couple months back.

Here is a great image which was created by “unbounce”. It is a representation of marketing and the roles that each sector play. This may help you in your online marketing, SEO ventures.

How to use SEO