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Improving Your Online Presence With Digital PR

Improving Your Online Presence With Digital PR

You’re optimizing content but not ranking any higher. Or maybe your website is getting traffic but not generating sales. If you’ve got a digital marketing gap to bridge, digital PR might be the way to do it. Whether you’ve got a brand-new brand to get up and running or a full-grown business that needs some extra attention, digital PR is the all-inclusive package that wields the best practices in SEO, social media, and content marketing — and here’s how you can use it to improve your online presence. 

What Is Digital PR? 

From influencers to online journals, digital PR connects your brand with partners that share the same audience as you. In turn, this puts your content in front of the people that need, want, and connect with what you have to offer. Beyond making sure your audience is similar, digital PR vets the strength of your partners by analyzing domain authority, screening their online reputation, and scoping the details of their content. 

You can trust your digital PR team’s suggested partners to share updates, information, and content for your company because a comprehensive digital PR strategy will not only find the right media placements, but also monitor them. For example, if your micro-influencer affiliate has a mini scandal, your digital PR team will immediately reach out and present you with a set of recommended steps.    

What Are the Benefits of Digital PR? 

Digital PR uses multiple branches of digital marketing to improve your online results over time. For example, by posting your content on prominent websites, digital PR boosts your search engine spot. And by boosting your search engine spot, digital PR makes your own website appear more authoritative.    

It’s is a proven resource for brands that want a bigger, better digital reputation, but how does digital PR translate into measurable results for your business? Digital PR directly affects your company’s bottom line because it: 

  • Drives traffic through additional backlinks  
  • Generates leads by reaching a larger audience 
  • Strengthens company image through relevant media placements 
  • Builds brand recognition by increasing awareness 
  • Raises SEO and SERP rankings with optimized content 
  • Increases conversions by promoting brand searches 

Do I Need Digital PR? 

From brick-and-mortar businesses to fully online e-commerce shops, every brand needs a digital image. But the type of consumers that see your brand and the places in which they see it will impact the chance that image initiates action. Essentially, digital PR makes your brand seen, valued, and trusted — all at the same time. Whether you need help in one specific area of your marketing or a complete marketing overhaul, it’s the digital marketing service you want in the mix.  

If you’re ready to move forward with digital PR, make the move with WSOA. At WSOA, we like to get to know your brand, audience, and goals before putting together a digital PR team of SEO, social media, and content marketing experts. From there, we vet high-profile partners, introduce them to your business, and start creating content. Over the life of your digital PR strategy, we’ll keep you updated with quarterly reports and timely partner updates. To get started, contact us today.