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How to Handle Negative Customer Reviews

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes being criticized. Sure, the point of genuine criticism is to help you make adjustments and get better for the future, but it’s still not easy to hear most of the time. The same is true when someone critiques your business. You’ve put so much hard work into developing a […]

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5 Ways Social Media Builds Trust with Consumers

Perhaps the most critical component of the business-client relationship is trust. Many companies today are leveraging the unique access that social media provides to consumers to build stronger relationships with them. Trust is what keeps customers coming back to you every time they need a product or service of a certain kind, and trust is […]

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Meet Spark, StrategiQ’s New SEO Deployment Tool

To disrupt the traditional SEO development process, digital marketing agency StrategiQ has launched a new tool that will help digital marketers test and deploy SEO-related changes by circumventing workflow obstacles such as CMS limitations, development pipelines, or budget overhead. Their solution is called Spark. What Is Spark? Powered by Cloudflare Workers’ edge computing, StrategiQ’s Spark is a […]

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SEO Trends in 2019

Like anything else on the internet, search engine optimization is constantly evolving. Since the first search engine in 1997 website creators have been scraping to make sure their page is relevant and easy to find. Keeping up with the latest changes with SEO is vital to anyone with a website. So, what changes are coming? […]

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SEO Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

With the convenience of online retailers, small businesses must implement sophisticated SEO strategies and techniques to increase their online exposure and drive customers to their site. To guarantee your small business survives in today’s competitive marketplace, follow these important SEO do’s and don’ts. Do Upload Fresh Content In order to keep customers updated about your […]

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How to Avoid Website Drop-Off After the Holidays

With last minute shopping, booking, and browsing, web traffic reaches its annual peak during the holiday season — which can exhaust both business owners and customers, alike. However, after the hustle-and-bustle subsides and customers return to work and resume their normal routines, it is customary for businesses to experience a decline in web traffic after […]

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How Often Should I be Posting on Social Media in 2019?

Social media marketing is one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy in 2019, and it’s not necessarily as easy as posting on your own personal social accounts. If you’re wondering how often you should be posting on social media to get the best results for your brand, take a look at some […]

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SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

Whether you know it or not, the whole world is revising their online marketing strategies around SEO. Most – if not all of those strategies are focusing on this simple principle, and with good reason. Did you know 46% of all people in the world used the Internet at some point during 2017? Of those […]

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What Are Long-Tail Keywords?

Keywords are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website, but you have to use them right to get the best results. Check out this quick overview of long-tail keywords, which are becoming a more popular SEO method for a number of successful businesses. Keywords When you search Google for something, you’re […]

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5 Ways Email Marketing Helps SEO

If you’re going to take advantage of email marketing, you need to be smart about it. A quality email marketing campaign can have a lot of great benefits for your brand. Take a look at these five ways email marketing can help bolster your SEO efforts. 1. Social engagement Designing emails with social sharing buttons […]

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