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Integrating Instagram Into Your Social Media Strategy

Integrating Your Business with InstagramAs technological advances continue to grow, the distance between people around the world rapidly shrinks. In the past ten years we have transitioned from flip phones and dial-up modems to smartphones and wi-fi just about everywhere you go. We no longer need to wait for information because the whole world is at our fingertips and your business is no exception. With the prevalence of social media, businesses have a brand-new set of resources at their disposal for reaching their target audience quicker and more effectively than ever before.

The Power of Instagram

Instagram has taken the world by storm since its introduction in 2010 and has recently begun accommodating business profiles. More than 500,000 advertisers worldwide use Instagram, and 60% of users claim to have found new products on the platform. There are several reasons to incorporate Instagram into your company’s social media strategy, including:

  • Branding – Today’s society is more self-aware than ever. With the internet, it is easy to scroll past companies and develop brand loyalty. Through Instagram, companies have a voice to present themselves visually and tonally through captioning and imagery.
  • Consumer Interaction – Because of the comment section, you are provided with feedback as quickly as your followers can react. Constant feedback in the form of comments and likes gives insight into what works and doesn’t work for your company’s image so you can adjust accordingly. Replying to followers makes them feel closer to the company itself and gives the business more personality.
  • Tools – Instagram understands how effective it can be for businesses and recently introduced Instagram Business Tools to help companies of any size manage their profile. The new tools allow you to promote your posts to reach a wider audience or gain insight from your followers.
  • Promotions – The nature of Instagram as an image-sharing site provides businesses the opportunity to promote sales and deals through posts. There is also the Instagram story and live options which allow sharing for isolated events. Live mode notifies followers to watch your live stream, and they can react in real time.

Your Social Media Marketing Assistant

Being adaptable is key in the modern world, and when you embrace the technological tools before you, your business can only thrive. At Web Solutions of America, we aim to create the most effective online presence for your business. We take great care in our handling your social media accounts and can make and monitor posts at all times. For more information on how Web Solutions of America can help your business, contact us today at 407-636-4233 and receive a free quote.