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Online Marketing

Conversion Optimization

Along with increasing traffic to your website, Web Solutions works to increase the rate at which this traffic converts. This process is called conversation rate optimization. The benefits of this can directly impact your bottom line, we’re taking the people that are already on your site, already interested in what you have to say, and turning them into customers rather than letting them slip through the cracks. These are potential customers that are already within your grasp, so doesn’t it make the most sense to try and keep them rather than trying to get all new site visitors?

Testing is the key to successful conversion optimization. Do current site viewers respond better to a red call-to-action button or a green one? Do they read more of the text when it’s on the left side of the page or the right? Is the menu easier to read at the top of the page or the side? Often, you can make small changes that to you look unimportant but can make all the difference in getting a site viewer to take the plunge and sign up for your service, ask to receive your newsletter, buy your product, and more.

The real gains in conversion optimization are in the little triumphs. Making your header picture more personable could lead to a huge increase in conversion rates. Perform similar tests and alterations with other site elements and soon you could find yourself with a 50-60%+ increase in conversion rate. Again, it’s the small changes that can overall have the largest impact.

CRO isn’t reached by guessing. It uses science and extensive testing of current site viewers to find the best possible combination of page elements. If you’d like to learn more about how conversion rate optimization can help you, please contact us.